Health Benefits of Yoga

For the die hard yogi, the health benefits of yoga are indisputable. But even newcomers are raving about just how good yoga makes them look and feel. …

Funny, but growing up I always thought of health as those pictures of bulging muscles and chiseled pecs that you see on the cover of glossy fitness magazines. ‘Health’ and physical ‘body fitness’, to me, were the same thing.

… I played sports, exercised regularly, even with a fury at times, yet when I think back on those years long ago, I remember that I couldn’t even touch my own toes! That’s right, a yogi today, but as a fit, young and spry athlete, I was stiffer than a board!…

Needless to say, yoga loosened me up in more ways than one… and over the years it taught me what real health was all about.

Yoga Health – Mind Body and Soul

The image of yoga today is often as little more than a system of weird-looking exercises that perhaps give new meaning to the phrase “tying yourself up in knots”. But, as you’ve been discovering throughout the pages of this website, yoga is much more than just a form of exercise, and the health benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical body.

… In fact, yoga shows us that we are multi-layered beings – with interconnected physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions – and we cannot have health on one layer without having it on all the others too.

But for the average person, most of the health benefits of yoga, especially in the beginning, are experienced at the physical level. This is certainly not a bad thing. In fact, for most people, it’s a wonderful thing!

What Are Some Health Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga has profound effects on health. Of this you can be certain! Its practice helps to reduce stress, which is the number one cause of disease. Yoga also aids in detoxification while strengthening and supporting many of the physiological functions of the body.

… What else?

…and the list goes on.

Want more of a medical analysis of the health benefits of yoga? The practice of yoga has been shown to decrease excess glucose as well as sodium levels. It also decreases LDL and VLDL (bad) cholesterol, while at the same time increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. Yoga also has been shown to increase hemoglobin production, thyroxine and lymphocyte count, among several other biochemical advantages …

Yoga increases gaba …

Yoga is also effective in combating low back pain …

In short, yoga not only improves health in so many ways, but its practice is also is a powerful preventative medicine.

But all of these yoga health benefits are really just a ‘side effect’ on the yoga health front. What other benefits does yoga have in store for you? …
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