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For just about every medical or health condition around today, there’s a yoga treatment of some type …

Yoga is Effective For:

On top of that, yoga also helps to relieve:

… And more

There are even specific yoga treatments for:

The list goes on …


Before you get too enthusiastic, and start searching for the ‘right yoga pose’ or the easy yogic cure for your ailment, I must tell you that yoga treatment involves much more than exercise.

You won’t find the ‘right stretch’ to rid yourself of that nagging back pain forever, no matter how hard you try. So it’s best to leave that fantasy behind right now.

But don’t despair. When it comes to health, yoga treatment is second to none! Of that I have no doubt what-so-ever. But if you’re going to get healthy through yoga, you must understand what the yoga treatment of disease is really all about…

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What Does a Yoga Treatment Involve?

I know many people do give the impression that gaining health through yoga is simply a matter of exercise. A whole industry has now begun to rise up around the concept of Yoga Therapy, which often looks in many ways suspiciously like Western physiotherapy, albeit without the machines and gadgets.

‘Modern yoga therapy’ is a ‘practical approach’ to treatment that largely involves physical techniques and yoga-like practices to combat a range of health problems… Itself, not a bad thing… but only part of the yogic picture.

You’ll also easily find many books, artlicles and websites that give you yoga ‘stretching prescriptions’ for each health condition too. Simply pick your disease from the list, and find the ‘recipe of yoga techniques’ to cure you.

But It’s Not True!

… And it certainly does not reflect the yoga approach to health and healing! Anybody who tries to sell you on a regiment of exercises with Sanskrit names alone for remedying your health does not have a very broad understanding of yoga, and certainly is short-selling this comprehensive and profound science of health and healing.

But unfortunately this a common attitude and approach these days. That’s why you’ll often hear people say things like, “I tried yoga, but it didn’t help”. The reality is that they didn’t try yoga at all. They merely did a few ‘yogic-type exercises’…

Don’t be deluded into thinking that the practical techniques alone are the yoga approach to therapy and healing. Yes, the yoga techniques that you may find recommended for a certain health condition may indeed be ‘part’ of the yogic health recipe…

… But yoga treatment also involves establishing health on all levels, including the mental, emotional, and even the higher spiritual. That’s true whether you have an arthritic knee, or cancer.

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Yoga Treatment of Disease Involves:

When all of these things are taken into account then the yoga remedy really is second to none.

Is Yoga the Best Treatment For Everything?

Certainly not. If you break your leg skiing, don’t start doing yoga to fix it! …But the one who has mastered the yogic regiment will indeed find that yoga remedies nearly every condition imaginable… And quite often yoga cures us of our ills completely.

Yoga, as a ‘way of life’, provides a solid foundation for healthy, harmonious, disease-free living… and along with the therapeutic measures within its vast arsenal of practices, provides a comprehensive system for the treatment and cure of nearly every affliction.

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