New Yoga Terms

Hardly a day goes by where I don’t encounter new yoga terms. In fact, I’ve been keeping a running list of some amusing little definitions that folks have used in their e-mails with me over the past year. …


I thought I’d share some of this new yoga lingo with you.

Please feel free to add your own definitions for new yoga words at the end too!

Enjoy! …

Yoga Therapy

A rehab program for people who injure themselves doing yoga. (Editor’s Note: I got this one from a lot of people.)

Yoga Butt

what you sit on when you’re taking your yoga lunch break.

Yoga Intensive

Ok everyone, we’ve got 2 weeks to gain moksha. Turn off your cell phones. We’ve gotta get crackin’!

Yoga Holiday

Taking a break from your yoga class.

Yoga Retreat

Running away from your yoga class. (Ed. Note: Thanks for those 2 good yoga terms Deb!)

Restorative Yoga

The opposite of destructive yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga done in the womb (Ed. Note: Only recommended for those who were accomplished yoga practitioners in a past life.)

Yoga Block

What, is that like writer’s block or something?

Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)

An excuse for under-educated, over-enthusiastic yoga teachers to make some big bucks training others to become under-educated, over-enthusiastic yoga teachers! (Ed. Note: O.k., obviously that’s not always true, but I have to agree that there is sometimes some truth to this one :O))

Certified Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor who is mentally deranged (Ed. Note: Uhm, I believe that would be a “certifiable yoga instructor”)

Yoga Insurance

A guarantee that you’ll become enlightened (Ed. Note: Uhm, I believe that would be “yoga assurance”)

Yoga Dating

Flirting with yoga, spending some time getting to know a little bit about yoga, but not ready for a full commitment to it yet.

Advanced Yoga

Something often talked about, but rarely seen.

Deepening Your Yoga Practice

I thought yoga was supposed to lift us up? The deeper you go, the darker it gets; the higher you rise, the lighter it all becomes. I like “elevating your yoga practice” better!

Yoga Competition

I’m more “one” than you are!

Yoga For Dummies

Doesn’t yoga help to remove our ignorance? Wouldn’t it follow then that all yoga is for dummies? ;O)

Yoga Products

Good health, contentment, oneness … and mats.

Yoga Tips

… but it never falls over (Ed. Note: What a great tip! :O))

Partner Yoga Class

Where your business partner spends all her time while you’re stuck doing all the work!

Yoga Pants

Pants with only one leg :O)

Yoga Lattes

I prefer a hot yoga americano myself… you know, like the watered-down espresso. Watered down yoga. Just the way we like it in America!

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Yogacharya is the director of International Yogalayam, and Editor of The Yoga News

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