Basic Yoga Body Cleaning Practices [Yoga eCourse Instalment #4]


Are you waking up polluted?

No, I don’t mean hung-over from a heavy night of boozin’. I mean polluted in the sense of toxic crud in places where there wasn’t any when you went to bed. …

The answer is YES!

You don’t believe me?  Well, what about the little chunks of “sand” in the corner of your eyes in the morning?  Where did that come from? (yeah, I know… the Sandman, right? ;O))

That’s just one little example of how our body eliminates some accumulated toxins at night while we sleep, which is why some early morning body cleaning is needed.

And your eyes aren’t the only place that happens …

Your teeth and gums probably feel pretty slimy too. But it’s your tongue that tells the biggest tale.  It’s coated with a toxic film that you probably never even noticed before.


Same with your sinuses.  They’re filled with mucus build-up that just needs to go!

So the first order of business …

As soon as you wake up, before doing anything, yoga included, we need to clean away some of that over-night build-up and release of toxins.

In yoga, we’ve got a few basic morning body cleansing practices to do the job … and together they’ll take less than 5 minutes.

Cleaning away the morning toxins is not only easy, but it is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body.

It might be the best five-minute investment of your time all day!

Here’s 3 simple yogic cleansing practices to start your day with:

1. Tongue scraping

Try this body cleaning technique once, and I won’t have to convince you about the toxic build up on your tongue every night. You’ll see it for yourself! (Warning: It ain’t pretty!)

2. Eye washing

3. Jala Neti

Do this simple, but amazing body cleaning practice, and you’ll be astounded with the results!

Here’s a link with a more detailed instruction for the performance of Jala Neti

There you have it!

3 simple little body cleaning practices you can do every morning that will give you one more boost toward a healthy body and lifestyle.

As you are beginning to see, yoga is MUCH MORE than a system of exercises and stretches. In our yoga training at International Yogalayam, we teach students what yoga is all about, and give them all the yogic tools they’ll need to lead a health, happy and harmonious life.

The Basic Yoga Trainer

– Get Healthy … and Stay Healthy Through Yoga!

“This yoga course really helped me to relax and bring some balance back into my life. My heartfelt thanks to you Yogacharya.”

~ Diana Evanson, New South Wales

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