Finding the Yoga Key … [Yoga eCourse Instalment #5]


Understanding the Rosetta Stone …
(And How It Will Help You to Learn Yoga)

Do you know the story of the Rosetta Stone? For centuries, archaeologists were baffled by the ancient hieroglyphic symbols found in Egypt …

That is, until 1799, when French scientists uncovered a huge rock they named the “Rosetta Stone” – a stone that held the keys to understanding all those symbols.

But what does that have to do with learning yoga?

Well, you see, today most people who practice yoga really don’t have the foggiest clue what it all means (sorry to put it so bluntly).

They go to their yoga classes, and follow along as the teacher guides them from one pose to another … and then at the end of the class they feel wonderfully relaxed …

… and they just hope that the good feeling lasts until the next class.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong. They’re not learning yoga!

That’s why they have to keep going back to yoga classes, over and over again. I’ve met so many people who have been “doing yoga” for years, yet they have no idea how to practice on their own, or even the slightest clue what all these yoga practices are really all about.

It’s all yoga hieroglyphics to them, so-to-speak.

How can you learn yoga then?

Well first I’ve got some bad news for some of you … You can’t learn yoga in a YOGA CLASS.

Ok, at least not very well anyhow.

It’s probably not your yoga teacher’s fault. It’s the modern yoga system itself. Today’s “yoga class” culture has literally grown out of nothing and mushroomed in just a few short years … to the point where there’s now a yoga class on virtually every block.

… and as a result, most folks think that yoga is nothing more than a “class” that we go to a few times a week … an ancient, exotic form of exercise that has just recently been “re-discovered.”

What a terrible shame!

We’re missing the “Key” to understanding yoga

Do you think the 17th century archaeologists took a look at the hieroglyphics they uncovered in Egypt and said, “hey, that one looks like a doggie … and there’s a picture of a horsie … and a birdie …”

… and do you think that they really knew what the ancient Egyptians were trying to say?

Not until they found the Rosetta stone!

And modern yogis have made the same mistake

We’ve taken yoga and simply translated it into things that are already familiar to us. We’ve taken a comprehensive system for personal transformation and spiritual evolution, and distilled it down to an arrangement of physical techniques and practices to deal with all our nagging problems.

… and we’ve come up with names like “downward dog,” “tree pose,” or “the cobra” … and turned yoga into just an exotic form of fitness and physiotherapy, which almost entirely misses what the ancient yogis were trying to teach us.

Read this important article: “Why Are There So Many Yoga Styles Today?”

We’re practicing yoga without a “Rosetta Stone”

… and we’re missing 98% of its potential because of it!

If we want to get the most out of yoga, then we must learn what it is really all about … not only the “Hows,” but also the “Whys.”

When we do that, then we’ll be able to practice yoga on our own (the way it is meant to be practiced), truly understand what it is that we are doing, and gain all the benefits that it’s really meant to bring us.

The Basic Yoga Trainer

– The Key to Unlocking the Power of Yoga!

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~ Carline Mayer, Seattle, Wash, USA

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