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The Forward Bend – Pascimottana Asana

The forward bend, pascimottana asana, is another important practice in the hatha yoga tradition …


The correct execution of this yoga asana requires a great deal of flexibility in the hips as well as in the muscles of the lower back and the legs. Thus, a fair amount of preparatory work is required before many of the benefits of this practice can be realized.  Nevertheless, it is a potent practice and one that the beginner should engage in as best as possible, slowly over time developing the ability to assume the complete position.

Effects and Benefits of Pascimottana Asana

The list of benefits from this yoga exercise is extensive. Among other things, it improves the elasticity and flexibility of the spine. It is also very helpful in relieving sciatica, backache, arthritis and pain in the knees, thighs and legs, and its regular practice is effective in improving all sorts of other back conditions.

More about pascimottanasana and its benefits …

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Yoga is much more than a group of physical exercises.

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