Learn Yoga Online

Everyday more and more people like you are turning to the internet to learn yoga online. 

But Where to Begin?

A quick yoga search on Google literally returns tens of thousands of yoga websites. Everything from solo yoga teachers promoting their services, to big institutions with a seductive schedule of pricey courses and retreats. 

... but are they all what they're cracked up to be?  NO WAY!

The Internet is Full of Yoga Junk!

Don't get fooled by a slick-looking website and some well-polished videos.  Most of what you'll find on the internet about yoga is pretty much the same old thing. Like going to a typical yoga class, you'll find hundreds of teachers promoting their versions of popular yoga exercises.

... but you'll find very little quality yoga instruction.

This website will help you to cut through the yoga rhetoric and to give you some detailed yoga information and quality yoga instruction. I't will help you to learn where yoga is coming from and what it is really all about. Most importantly though, It will teach you what yoga can truly do for you and how to do it!

P.S.  - Get started right here, with some basic yoga information that everyone should (but doesn't) know ...

There is a complete fullness in the yoga articles you present, instead of just "filling the pages" like so many others do.

Meena Ramanathan - Pondicherry, India

Thank you for providing this information and thank you for delivering it with such humour and insight.

Rebecca Harris - Brisbane, Australia

I am blown away, really! I only had a few minutes during a short break, but ended up getting completely taken in for 2.5 hours here! What a great content! Thank you for the inspiration!

Yelena Hindman - Russia

Great stories and plenty to learn from the REAL yoga. Well done! Thank you for making this available to us all.

Lyn Moes

I really like that you are tackling Yoga on a deeper level than just the pose!

Geri Bryan

You have done the world wide yoga community a great service with your wonderfully informative website. Congratulations!

Margo Hutchison - Brisbane, Australia

At last, a place to find REAL Yoga info! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gayndah - Queensland, Australia

I just found this website and it is so informative and lovely to read. Thanks for your effort in putting it together and maintaining it.

Gail Jones - Melbourne, Australia

This web site is a wonderful service for the welfare of mankind. Well done. Keep up the good work.

Edmond - Tripoli, Liberia

This is a noble deed. I am really glad to find this site. Thanks for all your are sharing!.

Erik M. - Boise, Idaho

Your Basic Yoga Trainer Course is very educational, not just for me but for my students also. Keep up the good work!

Barbara S. - East Hampton, Connecticut

I love the comprehensive knowledge that you are sharing here. Thank you for spreading the union of yoga.

Sequoia - Victoria BC, Canada

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