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Concentration Techniques

Many yoga practices exist to improve concentration and train the mind … from the repetition of mantras in japa, ajapa and ajapa-japa form, to visualizations, concentrations upon certain ‘inner sounds’ (laya), and the use of external concentration devices such as a yantra (geometric design).

Focusing intently upon certain aspects of the body during asana practice can also be a form of dharana.

The hatha yoga asanas, kriyas and mudras all contain a concentration point to be held during their practice.

The same is true for pranayama, where certain points of concentration are used while controlling the breath, or in some cases, the breath itself is the point of concentration.

The jnana yoga kriyas are also powerful practices for the development of dharana, because their very nature is to contain the mind within a strict visualization.

Some of the jnana yoga kriyas to improve concentration taught through the yoga training programs at International Yogalayam include:

All of these yoga practices are geared toward the same thing — ‘one-pointedness’ of mind.

Basic Yoga Concentration Exercises

Here are four common yoga concentration techniques for the development of dharana that you can experiment with:


Trataka (which means steady gaze) is a technique whereby the eyes are fixed upon a certain external point such as the horizon of the sea, or the flame of a candle.



Nasarga Drishthi

Bhrumadhya Drishthi

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