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There’s a lot of basic yoga information that seems to get missed in yoga today. Even if you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner, have a look. There might be some things here about yoga that you may not know …


What do you really need to know about yoga? Before we can answer that question we really need to take a closer look at this thing called Yoga

What is Yoga, Really?

Yoga has been called a religion by some. Many see it as a great form of exercise. Still others profess it as the supreme philosophy or the definitive psychology. From my years of study I can tell you that yoga is definitely a whole lot more than a just system of stretches, exercises and relaxation techniques.

What is yoga? Click here to find out…

The History of Yoga

… is a fascinating study. Well, to me it is, but I know that not everybody loves history! Just let me give you a little taste. I promise not to bore you!… I think you might even find it interesting.

Here’s your History of Yoga teaser…

The Roots of Yoga

The roots of yoga lie deep within the vedic culture of ancient India. Let’s take a quick glance at the ancient origin of yoga…

Once we know a bit about the roots, then we can also have a better understanding of the branches …

The Branches of Yoga

As you can see, the roots of yoga run deep, and this tree, over thousands of years, has produced many branches, each with its own unique, yet connected perspective and approach.

There are 4 Traditional Branches of Yoga, from which many other types of yoga have emerged.

The 4 traditional branches are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Raja Yoga.

Yoga Styles

I’m really quite amazed at the speed with which people are coming up with new ‘yoga styles’. It’s even quite entertaining.

Sure, some great practices for health and wellness are emerging, but does everything being done under the name of yoga really deserve this distinction?

Let’s take a closer look at this rapidly expanding ‘yoga styles’ phenomena…

For a brief explanation of the many styles of yoga, visit our yoga style guide. It’s broken down into two pages:

Traditional Yoga Types and Different Types of Yoga Today

Yoga Terminology

Right away, the new student of yoga is confronted with a whole bunch of new yoga words. The language of yoga is the ancient language of Sanskrit, and it can take a bit of time to get familiar with some basic yoga terms. Check out out yoga glossary and sanskrit glossary for definitions of all the yoga words you’ll find on this website.

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