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I often cringe when I hear yoga being split up into levels such as yoga for beginners or yoga for advanced practitioners. Yes, there are many yoga poses that take a great deal of practice to master, but doing so doesn’t make one advanced in yoga …


The physical exercises are only a small part of what yoga is all about. Rarely do I meet any yoga practitioners who are not yoga beginners, and that includes most yoga teachers too.

Certainly many individuals have attained an impressive degree of proficiency in some yoga asanas, but few of them have taken more than only a couple small steps along the amazing yoga journey.

What is yoga then?  Click here to find out …

Beginning the Yoga Journey

If you are new to yoga, then you’ll definitely want to start with some simple things and work your way forward. There are also a few important points about yoga for beginners that you need to know, which I have outlined on the previous page, beginning yoga.

Starting on The Physical Level

It’s true that you likely won’t notice too many “profound things” when just starting out in yoga. In fact, most of the activities will probably just feel a lot like exercise. But yoga gradually helps us to see that we are multidimensional beings (pancha kosa), and eventually your yoga practice will begin to take on new dimensions.

In order to get there, however, it is on the “grossest,” physical level that you need to start. Gradually, as you develop better health and cultivate more and more subtle awareness, you’ll start to peel through more layers and gain a much deeper understanding of yoga, yourself and the world around you.

In essence, yoga for beginners is no different than yoga for anyone else … it simply means starting at whatever level of awareness and abilities you are at, and working your way forward, step by step towards higher levels of health and personal transformation.

Step by Step is the Key to Yoga for Beginners

You simply won’t get the proper systematic approach to yoga from the majority of yoga videos, websites, or free yoga e-books available today. In fact, aside from being led through a routine of weird exercises that may make virtually no sense to you, you probably won’t learn much about yoga at all from these things.

It’s ok to have a look at them, but it’s a big mistake to think that you will understand yoga or gain any real lasting benefits from them.

You CAN learn yoga to a certain degree from videos, books and from the internet though. Don’t get me wrong! But finding the right program, one that is comprehensive and systematic in its approach, can be difficult.

There is a lot of superficial yoga garbage online and in bookstores today. Remember the 4 pieces of essential advice I gave on beginning yoga?

Here’s One More Piece of Advice …

“Break Out of the YOGA CLASS BOX!”

Of course, there is no substitute for the guidance of a yoga master. But don’t confuse going to a yoga class with getting proper guidance. Yes, there are some nice teachers out there who speak confidently and run well-polished yoga exercise classes. But unfortunately, rarely is much taught about yoga in them.

Be careful about falling into the “yoga class trap” … getting stuck in the typical modern mentality that yoga is simply a class that we go to a few times a week.

If you do, then chances are that you’ll end up with very little understanding of yoga and its true potential, and fail to get what you’re really looking for through yoga.

Finding the right teacher and a quality yoga for beginners program, such as this Basic Yoga Training Course, is essential to understanding and benefiting from yoga.

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