Breathing For Yoga

In the yogic grand scheme, breathing for yoga nearly tops the list. The yogis have always considered that good breathing lies at the foundation of good health, and surely your doctor will even agree …

Because breathing is so important in yoga, you’ll find that in many of the yogic traditions, techniques for increasing the breathing capacity, for slowing and regulating its rhythm, and for expanding its power are front and center.

This is the branch of yoga known as pranayama, and within it you’ll find a world of life-transforming practices. It really is hard to beat the techniques of pranayama yoga breathing for better health.

For more on the importance of good breathing, please visit our in-depth page on Yoga Breathing.

It’s unfortunate though, that many modern-day yogis have pushed these practices by the wayside in favour of the more exotic and glamorous yoga asanas, which have now come to form the bedrock of today’s yoga.

But yoga remains a great source of techniques and practices for improved breathing … and good breathing is essential for good health.

Download free instructions on the 4 Basic Yoga Breathing Techniques.

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