The Body Cleanse – Kaya Kriya


Kaya is a term in Sanskrit used to refer to the human body. Kaya kriya, then, is a whole body cleanse practice that is useful for releasing mental and physical tension, providing relief from physical traumas and body pain and balancing the ‘energy flows’ within the body. …

This is a three-part relaxation technique in which the lower, middle and upper regions of the body are relaxed in succession with movement/breath combinations.

It is performed beginning in shava asana, the corpse pose.


First Stage

Note: Keep the legs completely straight during these movements.

Note: Both the inhalation and exhalation phases should be performed slowly, to a 6-count

Second Stage

Note: Make sure to keep the elbows straight and rotate at the shoulder joints, allowing the wrists to roll along the floor.

Third Stage

The Full Kaya Kriya Body Cleanse

[flashvideo file= width=450 height=360 image=   stretching=fill /]

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