Sadhana: Your daily yoga practice


In yoga the Sanskrit term sadhana is used to refer to one’s yoga practice. In a broader sense, it refers to all of the efforts and attentions placed in every moment of each and every day towards the higher goals of health, harmony and evolution. …

At the conclusion of each lesson of these yoga training programs, you will find a section entitled ‘Practice Summary’, which represents an important part of your yoga sadhana, or efforts towards a goal of health and self-improvement on all levels.

Throughout the lessons of the Basic Yoga Trainer, you will be presented with a wealth of information, along with a good foundation of practices and techniques from which to develop a regular, routine yoga practice.

This training program is laid out to be followed over the course of 21 days. Some, in fact most people, will find it challenging to practice each and every day, especially in the beginning if you are not used to such discipline or if you already lead a typical modern, hectic life.

I encourage you to practice as often as possible, with the ultimate goal of creating a regular daily routine. If you can get through this basic training course in 21 days, then you have done exceptionally well! If it takes a bit longer, that’s OK too.

But remember, to really gain the cumulative benefits of yoga, rhythm and regularity are essential. Therefore, try to practice daily, and if you must miss a day here and there, don’t worry about it. Of course, you needn’t spend only one day per lesson either! In fact if you need to repeat a day’s practice session the next day, all the better.

By following the practice schedule in a step by step fashion with each lesson, you will soon gain the understanding, know-how and confidence to begin to practice yoga on your own. Be diligent and practice with regularity and you’ll surely find success!

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As far as the rest of your lifestyle and regular activities are concerned, it is a primary intent of this training course to introduce you to the broader spectrum of yoga, to help you to develop a true yoga sadhana. This involves all the activities and modes of living which are conducive to health, happiness and harmony.

One of the primary objectives of this basic program is to give you a look at yogic sadhana that extends beyond the physical exercises which are so often made a focal point in yoga today, to expose you, albeit in the most introductory of ways, to more of what yoga has to offer.


Let us remember that yoga is a ‘way of life’, and in many ways quite different than the life that you may be accustomed to. The reasons why we embark on the yogic path are manifold.

Simply put, we could say that yoga guides us from a life of ignorance, selfishness and ultimate dissatisfaction into a ‘higher life’ – into a life that is lived with proper understanding of Universal laws and of the true nature of our selves and the world around us – with the aim to bring greater meaning into an often otherwise aimless and frustrating existence, and to guide us along a path of evolution during our time here on this earth.

Yoga teaches us to know what the behavior is that will support a fruitful, spiritually advancing life, and helps us to perform the right actions, in the right manner, at the right time.

This course provides a very basic introduction into a vast and extremely profound science. It is my hope that you will find, at its conclusion, an awakened interest in yoga, and that these few short weeks of practice and study will serve as a springboard for further exploration of this profound and transformative ‘science of life’ called yoga.

The Attitude of Success

The importance of a serious attitude cannot be overstated when embarking upon the yogic path. What do I mean by a serious attitude? …

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