In the Sanskrit language, kona means ‘angle’ and tri stands for ‘three’. Therefore, trikonasana is also referred to as ‘the triangle pose’. …


Note: The posture is performed first to the right side and then repeated in mirror fashion to the left.

Note: Your left hand/palm should be open and facing forward, and both the right and left arms should be in-line, forming a straight line from the tips of your left fingers to the tips of your right fingers.

Note: Allow your head to turn and look either straight forward or upward toward the left hand, making sure to keep the head and neck in line with the spine.

Note: Only allow yourself to reach as far down to the right with your right hand as you can. Some may reach only down to the lateral lower legs, some to the ankle, and some may well be able to place their palm flat on the floor along their instep. As your flexibility improves, you will be able to stretch farther into this position.

Note: Do not to lean down with your weight upon your hand, but merely use it for balance and stability within the pose.

Effects and Benefits of Trikonasana

The benefits from the practice of this posture are many. Trikona asana provides a great ‘long stretch’ to many of the muscles of the body, stimulates circulation to the spinal area and excites reflex nerve activity, benefiting the cranial nerves associated with the sensory organs of the head, especially the eyes. Some other notable benefits for the beginner include:

  • Aiding in increasing the lateral flexibility of the spine.
  • Developing the muscles along the spine, strengthening the abdominal region and neck, removing backaches and neck pain.
  • Removing stiffness in the legs and hips, rebalancing and re-aligning the hips and pelvic area.
  • Aiding in the remedy of ailments of the lungs.
  • Stimulating the abdominal organs, thereby helping to relieve constipation and indigestion, restoring the digestive fire and stimulating the appetite.
  • Helping to dispel fat from the waist and thighs.

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