How to do Yoga

How to do yoga is not just a question to ask when beginning yoga. The phenomenon of modern yoga has led to a lot of misunderstanding and superficial interpretations of this amazing system for health and personal transformation. In order to be successful with yoga there are some important things to know …


There are many yoga practices that we can engage in. How these practices are approached can vary greatly from one yoga lineage to another.

The most important thing to remember, right from the start, is that yoga is NOT merely a system of physical exercises. It is a way of life …

… one that involves re-organizing our lives on every level, and proceeding in all our daily routines and endeavours with wisdom and higher principles of “right living”.

The Essentials of How to do Yoga

When wondering how to do yoga, we need to take a look at many things. To start with, there are certain essential yoga practices that form a foundation for yogic living. They are:

  1. Yoga Techniques – The hatha yoga asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, etc.
  2. Healthy Breathing – Proper breathing is the foundation of good health.
  3. Relaxation – Yogic relaxation will take you to profound new levels.
  4. Healthy Diet – Yoga guides us towards a health-enhancing diet.
  5. Yogic Living – Everything we do affects our health and wellbeing.
  6. Yogic Work – Your work is more than just a means of financial support.
  7. Yogic Associations – Who you spend time with affects what you become.

Yoga Techniques

Every yoga tradition places a different degree of attention of the physical yoga practices. Learn more about the various types of yoga practices on the following pages:

Yoga Exercises – Here’s information and instruction, including some yoga video demonstrations of some important yoga exercises …

Other Yoga Techniques – Hatha Yoga involves many other practices too. Click here for information and instruction on some other essential yoga techniques …

Beginning Yoga – Some important information when you’re just learning how to do yoga. Find links to some easy to follow instructions on many fundamental yoga practices here

Yoga Breathing

Three things lay at the base of support for our organic life: Food, Water, and Air. Which one can you go the longest without?

The yogis have always understood the importance of proper breathing for health, not only of body, but of mind as well. In fact, so important was proper breathing to these ancient sages that an entire branch of yoga was developed exclusively for the purpose of cultivating the powerful potential of the breath.

This science is known as pranayama yoga.

But just how important is proper breathing? You may be surprised at what the yogis have discovered… what a lousy breather you really are… and what yoga can do to help.

Click here to learn more about yoga breathing

… and download this free guide to basic yoga breathing techniques.

Yoga Relaxation

Good health cannot come without adequate rest and recuperation. An important part of learning how to do yoga is learning how to relax the yogic way.

Yoga introduces us to a whole new approach to relaxation… one that helps us to let go of deep-seated stress and tension, and re-establish a more harmonious, healthy state of body and mind.

Learn more about yoga relaxation here …

Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. The yogis, since ancient times, have rightly understood the effects of food on health… not just physical health, but also mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.

A proper nutritious, energising and disease-preventing diet is a fundamental part of healthy living. Yoga guides us towards an evolutionary, health-enhancing diet.

To learn more about the yogic diet and the yogic approach to healthy eating, read these 2 articles:

  1. The Yoga Diet – the yogic approach to healthy eating
  2. The Vegetarian Diet – for health and longevity

Right Living; Right Work; Right Associations

Yoga is more than just a class that we go to a few times a week. It is an entire approach to life that extends into everything that we do. That includes the type of work that we do, the company we keep, and perhaps most importantly

… the way that we live.

Our lifestyle and habits play crucial roles in determining our state of health – mental, emotional and physical, as well as in shaping just how this life of ours will unfold.

A life lived with greater understanding of cause and effect relationships, as well as one firmly rooted in higher, evolutionary principles, will flourish in abundance. Yoga teaches us how to live such a life. In essense, learning how to do yoga means re-learning how to live!

Glimpse a little further into the yoga life here…

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