Nothing is The Origin of Everything

Everything we can see comes from something we can’t. Everything comes from nothing.

As long as we humans remain, I think that this will be something we’ll struggle to grasp. Religions and spiritual traditions have devised ways to try and illustrate it. God is the Unseen from which all this world has arisen. In yoga we speak of adhi-vyadi, or that “the lower is a mirror of the higher.” Just as Jesus said, “As above, so below.”


Those metaphors refer to the seen and the unseen – the source and the manifestation. The source is Absolute. What comes from it is relative. Relative can’t exist without an Absolute – a reference point; a base from which it is measured.

Our mind is dependant upon the senses to experience the world around us, but the senses can only “sense” relativity – what “is” in “relation” to another. They cannot sense the Absolute.

That’s why we can never know the Absolute (God) through the intellect alone. We can create a “relative” image, a conceptualization, but we can never ‘experience’ the unseen this way – never truly know it.

The visible and the invisible are, in fact, not separate but one. The visible is a projection of the invisible. Thought is the invisible and the Thing is the visible. The thought and the thing are one.

An easy way to understand this is the simple illustration of a circle:

A circle consists of 3 things: a circumference, a center and a radius (the distance from the center to the outer edge, or circumference). The circumference ‘radiates’ from the center. When we look at a circle, we can only see its circumference. We cannot see its center.

Even if we put a dot in the middle, we still can’t see the center because if we look under a microscope, we will see that the dot is merely another circle with another circumference that radiates from it.

If we had fine enough instruments to place another dot in the middle of that circle, and another microscope powerful enough to magnify it, we would see the same thing – another circle.

There is no end to it. You can perform this process an infinite number of times, and still you would never be able to ‘see’ the center. The center is the Absolute. It is invisible.

The circumference radiates from the center. The center is the cause of the circumference. The seen is projected from the unseen.

The center is the thought, the circumference is the thing.

The circumference is your circum-stances in life, which are radiated by your Consciousness – your beliefs, your ideas, your conditioned way of thinking – the unseen center of your life.

The word ‘circumstance’ literally means what you “stand surrounded” with. You (your Consciousness) are at the middle, radiating your reality on a continual basis.

Most people are caught in a vicious cycle where they are constantly letting their circumstances create who they are. Your circumstances should not make you. You should make your circumstances.

If you want to change your circumstances, then all you have to do is change the center – YOU (your thoughts).

Notice where your thoughts are coming from. Are they coming from your Consciousness or from your circumstances? Are you living in what yoga calls “conditioned thought,” merely reproducing more of the same circumstances you already have?

Our mind continually creates thoughts that are relative to past beliefs and thoughts. Thus, the mind continues to create cycle after cycle of the ‘relative’ – or more of what we already have. This is what is known as being trapped in our past conditioning. In yoga we call this the wheel of karma.

Breaking free from our habitual patterns of thinking (samskaras) is vital to living a happy, healthy and evolutionary life. Learning how to go beyond the mind to experience the source of our relative existence is a central facet of the science of yoga.

Yoga is the search for the immovable reference point from which to view the relative world around us. Yoga is learning to live in the “wisdom of cause” instead of continually reproducing the same old ‘effects’ – living from the centre and not the circumference.