What is Dakshina? (Donation)

Dakshina is the yogic practice of giving a donation. It means to present a contribution to one’s teacher which reflects the deepest gratitude and utmost appreciation for the teachings received. It is at once an offering of heartfelt love, while at the same time an expression of deepest respect.

“Refraining from taking without giving” is a principle that lies at the heart of yoga. As yoga aspirants, we strive to cultivate the ability to “give with sincerity, and in genuine appreciation for the gift of knowledge that has been received.”

Thus, dakshina is an important part of the practice of yoga itself. It gives the student an opportunity to look deep within to see just what level of honesty they are really operating at – if they are truly appreciative of their teacher, and honest about the true value of the gifts which they have received from them.

Dakshina presents a great opportunity to begin to move beyond yoga as just a physical practice and to start to tread into the deeper, more profound territory of inner self-examination; a mental inquiry that is an essential process if one truly aspires to make progress along the spiritual path, and to one day attain the indescribable, immeasurable, incomparable bliss of YOGA.

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