Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia – The ‘Non-Disease’ Diseases

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Hypoglycemia (high blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (low blood sugar) are included in a range of health problems, which are often simply referred to as ‘metabolic disorders’, all of which exist as a direct result of poor and improper nutrition. …


Why is junk food bad, and how does it lead to these unhealthy conditions? A little understanding of human physiology helps sheds some light …

The primary source of energy for the body is glucose. This fuel comes from a variety of sources, known as carbohydrates — such as potatoes, rice, wheat and other grain products. This ‘sugar fuel’ also comes from a variety of saccharides in the form of raw and refined sugars.

Refined sugars enter quickly into the blood after ingestion. The more complex carbohydrates, however, undergo a much slower process of ‘breaking down’. Hence, the greater the amount of refined synthetics in the diet, the quicker the rise in blood-sugar levels, and the faster the subsequent fall.

As an analogy, consider adding a solid log to a fire, in comparison to a handful of dried leaves. The leaves (refined sugars) are quick to ignite and burning brightly but briefly… while the slow-burning log (complex carbohydrates) provides long-lasting, steady fuel for the flames.

When blood-sugar rises too rapidly (hyperglycemia), this triggers the pancreas to release insulin, the hormone which directs the excess sugar out of the blood, depositing it into other tissue cells of the body in order to re-normalize the blood-sugar level. This is why diets high in refined sugars cause weight gain!

Sometimes the blood-sugar levels fall to abnormally low levels (hypoglycemia), which can be a result of pancreatic or gastro-intestinal dysfunction, or a liver disorder — all pathological conditions which are influenced by a high-sugar diet, the continued use of refined sugars, chemical additives and processed foods.


White sugar hinders the proper function of the entire organism. It depletes calcium from the body… while alcohol is the greatest calcium enemy of all.

Yet most people are unaware of the amount of refined sugars and starches that they intake on a regular basis. For instance, one teaspoon of sugar is extracted from a stalk of sugar-cane one metre in length!

Click here for more junk food facts …

Most processed and preserved foods contain significant levels of refined sweeteners. Those who include pastries, ice-cream, cakes, pies and other sweet desserts regularly in their diet ingest a significant amount of sugar, which not only disrupts the digestive process, but the metabolism as well… a direct causative factor in hyper and hypoglycemia.

In general, it could be observed that the average person today consumes more sugar in two weeks than a person a century ago would have eaten in a whole year!

A diet high in refined sugars and processed foods, particularly for children, can lead to one of the most rapidly growing conditions around the world today — diabetes. [continued … ]

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