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Excess Fat

A rise in blood cholesterol levels in modern times has lead to an increase in the cholesterol coating of blood vessels. When this state is coupled with a high intake of salt, the condition referred to as arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) occurs.

As a result of diets high in animal fats and an increase in the intake of fried foods, this condition, previously observed primarily in aging individuals, has become increasingly prevalent in younger generations too.

The cholesterol which leads to this condition results from saturated animal fats, unlike those from the plant kingdom which are mostly of the poly-unsaturated variety. These plant cholesterols actually have the opposite effect, reducing blood cholesterol levels.

The detrimental fats come from all meat sources, including all animal by-products such as milk, cheese and eggs… adding further support for a vegetarian diet.

Why Do We Eat Junk Foods?

It has been observed by various philosophical and scientific perspectives that food cravings are closely tied with emotions. Even Freud illustrated that the gratifying of the taste buds (chewing or sucking) with salty or sweet things was the oral response to frustration.

The yogis have long understood the relationship with taste and emotions, noting the tanmatra (sense of) taste (rasana) is attached to svadhisthana chakra, the centre of sensual desire and emotions.

And so, it is no surprise that eating junk food began as a peculiar dysfunction of the Western, more decadent lifestyle… a habit which was, until quite recently, absent in the cultures of the East.

But now, as the Western ideals have enthusiastically permeated throughout most every culture around the globe, we see these same peculiar junk foods habit arising in tandem.

Healthy Eating Habits

Nature has designed our biology to function in an efficient and healthy way. A meal containing the proper complex carbohydrates provides the body with a steady source of fuel, creating a normal blood-sugar level over the ensuing hours. When this ‘fuel’ is used up, then we become hungry and we eat once again.

Snacks of fresh fruit and vegetable (or juices) in between meals are alright, as the fruit sugars (fructose) do not affect blood-sugar levels in a drastic way.

However, unhealthy snacks, those that are comprised of refined sugars and carbs, wreak havoc on our metabolism, raising the already high level of blood-sugar. This causes the pancreas to pump out greater amounts of insulin, which can present a dangerous situation.

An unhealthy misuse of refined sugars becomes a particular problem if it begins in early childhood. Here, natural tastes are corrupted and patterns of ‘biological cravings’ are formed, which are extremely difficult to break later in life. A child raised on junk food will be a ‘junk food junkie’ later in life!

To break the junk food addiction, one must start with an awareness of their eating habits. A proper understanding of diet is essential — knowing the proper foods to eat and those to avoid.

Here’s a Few Healthy Eating Tips:

Yoga and Breaking the Junk Food Habit

Unfortunately, breaking the habit of eating junk foods can be a difficult task. It should be obvious that this physiological dysfunction has its roots deep within the human psyche. Therefore, any attempt to change this debilitating pattern needs more than just physical restraint.

All the processes of yoga, not only the practice of the physical techniques, but the mental re-conditionings and deep understanding of the inner self which result from a comprehensive study and adoption of a yogic lifestyle, are paramount to re-establishing health and harmony on all levels.

Yoga gives us the tools and the guidance to make positive, healthy, and lasting transformations in life.

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And visit our online Yoga Training Center and take the first steps toward make positive, healthy and lasting transformations in your life.

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