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Have you ever known people who just seem to have everything going for themselves?  …

I mean, they’ve got great jobs, envious lifestyles, perfect partners and great kids.  Their lives seem to be almost perfect in every way… everything they do just seems to go right all the time.

Boy … they sure are the lucky ones, aren’t they?


LUCK has nothing to do with it. They just know something that you don’t.

They know that what you get out of life has very little to do with how hard you work. That it has nothing to do with being in the right place at the right time … or with being “fortunate enough” to meet the right people or find the right job.

So how do they do it? How do their lives just seem to keep coming up roses?

Easy … They “act the part.”

… and the rest falls into place.

Wise people throughout the ages have always understood the direct relationship between what we do and what we have … between what we think, and what we achieve.

They know the power of the mind … and how to use it!

If we act like a person who is healthy, then we become healthy; If we act like a person who gives and receives love effortlessly, then we’ll have abundant love in our life; If we want to be filled with a life of opportunity and adventure, then we must see opportunity and adventure in everything that we do.

When we “think” and “feel” these things over and over again, we create them for ourselves. PERIOD! …

It works, 100% of the time … ALL THE TIME!

But the problem is …

… Most people are thinking about what they don’t want all the time, and doing things that are exactly the opposite of what they really desire in life.

They constantly engage in activities that damage their health and they dwell in situations that give them frustration and disappointment.

Most importantly, though, they think that they are not playing any part in creating their problems … they think that these things “just happen” to them because they are just not getting lucky.

Well that’s a load of baloney!

… And until we lose this self-defeating attitude, we’re never going to break out of our slump.

That’s right. It’s nothing more than a slump … like a slugger who just fell off his game. Like a star center who all of a sudden can’t seem to find the net.

So, how do you get your game back?

It might be easier for some than other, because some people have never “had game” before … They’ve never known what it is to flourish … they’ve always wallowed in the basement of life, never really getting anywhere … feeling themselves the product of an unfortunate fate.

But that doesn’t matter.  Whether you’re a star trying to regain your form, or someone who has yet to develop their full potential, or someone inbetween, the principles are the same.

There are only 2 things you MUST do:

  1. Act the part
  2. And stay in the roll, no matter what.

That’s it!

If you want health … Then act like you are healthy.  If you want a good relationship, then act like you have a good relationship. If you want a job that you enjoy, then work with enthusiasm and enjoyment!

It sounds too simple, I know …

But it really is that simple … sort of

Success in life is only a matter of “deciding to be successful.”

Keeping that “positive frame of mind” through all life’s ups and downs, ain’t always easy though; and if it’s a new approach for you, it can be down right hard!

So you’ll need some help …

That’s where yoga comes in

Maybe you thought that yoga was about stretching your body.  Well, it is on one level … but more importantly, it’s about stretching your MIND!

Yoga has a deep treasure chest of tools to help you “rediscover yourself” … to uncover your full potential, to unlock the power of the mind and to help you to live the life you truly were born to live.

Read this article: Re-invent Yourself Through Yoga

Welcome to yoga my Dear Friend! May your journey be joyful … may you unleash you full potential … may your life exceed even your wildest dreams!

Yours in Yoga,

The Yoga of Mind Control,  By Yogacharya

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“Thank you so much for providing this valuable resource! Truly inspirational … My life will never be the same again!”

~ Robin Ducane, San Antonio, USA

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