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Mar 27,2011, Ramanavami

Rama Navami celebrates the birth of Rama. It falls on the ninth day of the shukla paksha, or bright phase of the moon, in the lunar month of Chaitra (April-May)—which is April 12th in 2011. [ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] Rama is one of … Continue reading

Feb 01,2011, The Guru Spirit

[ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] “Students came and generally went. Those who craved an easy path, that of instant sympathy and comforting recognitions of one’s merits, did not find it there. [My guru] offered his disciples shelter and shepherds for the aeons, but many … Continue reading

Feb 01,2011, Nothing is The Origin of Everything

Everything we can see comes from something we can’t. Everything comes from nothing. As long as we humans remain, I think that this will be something we’ll struggle to grasp. Religions and spiritual traditions have devised ways to try and … Continue reading

Feb 01,2011, Yoga Liability Insurance - Why you might not need it.

A couple years ago I noticed a rising trend in some Western Yogic communities – a thing called yoga liability insurance. Now, just a couple years later, it appears that it has not only become popular, but it is also … Continue reading

Dec 07,2010, Basic Yoga Trainer - Table of Contents

Inside The Basic Yoga Trainer … How to Use this Course Introduction Section 1 – The  Foundations of Yoga Day 1 Welcome to Yoga The Warm Up Vajra Asana Shava Asana Day 2 Yoga Sadhana Preliminaries Learning Yoga Vibhagha Pranayama … Continue reading

Oct 22,2010, The Yoga News Back Issues

Below are all back issues of The Yoga News, which you can subscribe to from this site. Click here to return to home page and to subscribe to this e-zine. October 04, 2010 — The Yoga News – October, 2010 … Continue reading

Oct 18,2010, What Is RSS?

Ever wonder what those orange RSS or XML buttons are all about? Well… It’s “the next big thing” — you can use it to get newsfeeds from CNN or BBC, as well as just about anything else, including news on … Continue reading

Oct 05,2010,

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Oct 04,2010, Free Online Yoga Information

[ad#Square-AdsenseNEW][ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] Namaste, I started International Yogalayam in 2007 to provide free online yoga information and yoga educational resources. Since then, I have received a steady stream of emails from yoga teachers, students and countless others interested in this ancient science, … Continue reading

Sep 29,2010, India Customs – rooted in ancient wisdom

[ad#Square-AdsenseNEW][ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] EDITOR’S NOTE: India customs and the habitual cycles of life in India, to a large extent, still reflect a heritage that is based upon a profound connection between man and nature. A modern scientific perspective, coupled with true understanding … Continue reading

Sep 29,2010, Hindu Rituals

[ad#Square-AdsenseNEW][ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] EDITOR’S NOTE: The many hindu rituals that are still a central part of daily life in India might, to some Westerners, seem to be out-dated and superstitious – behaviours that belong to a simpler, less intellectually evolved age long … Continue reading

Sep 29,2010, Economic Recovery?

[ad#Square-AdsenseNEW][ad#Square-AdsenseNEW] EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re getting tired of hearing about the Economic Recovery in the news, you’re not alone.  One day things are moving in a positive direction, and then a few days later, “the recovery is slower than expected.” … Continue reading

Sep 29,2010, Brain Studies – this is your brain on computers ...

A stream of new brain studies have begun to reveal what many have suspected for some time now – that interacting with so much gadgetry every day is having some seriously negative effects on our health. It is estimated that … Continue reading

Sep 29,2010, Thanks

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Sep 29,2010, Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully: Your use of any of the products (including but not limited to yoga training material, books, courses, free resources, videos and any other yoga instructional material) purchased or obtained free of charge from this website,, or any … Continue reading

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