Yoga Exercises

There’s a vast array of yoga exercises to benefit body, mind and soul. …


These spine-twisting, bone-bending and even some heart-pumping activities can be observed in nearly ever fitness studio or health club today.

But the yoga exercises are more than just a means to keep fit…

… they are part of the science of Hatha Yoga, an integrated science of energy cultivation and control which aims to balance the essential polar energies of the being and bring about a state of harmony between the body, mind and emotions.

Modern Yoga – So Many Options!

The explosion in popularity of yoga today has been part of the fuel behind a rapidly changing ‘face of yoga’. In an almost ironic twist (no pun intended!), yoga, a profound science of personal growth, transformation and change, has itself been transformed and changed by a growing number of yoga enthusiasts.

Today there are literally hundreds of different approaches to the yoga exercises that have become popular today… and so yoga students can be forgiven if they are confused and unsure about what these yoga exercises are all about.

Certainly much of what is being practiced today under the name of “Yoga” today is the result of a “blending” of yoga exercises with many other philosophies of health and fitness, and not necessarily a reflection of the yoga tradition

And so proper guidance by a qualified and experienced teacher is a necessity for the understanding and proper use of these powerful tools for health and evolution.

The Yoga Exercises

The yoga exercises can be grouped in various forms, which includes warm-up exercises (known as jattis), asanas, kriyas, and pranayamas, along with additional, more advanced practices known as bandhas and mudras.

Below you’ll find links to some practices that are an important part of the foundation of all types of yoga that have their basis in the hatha yoga tradition.

The Science of Yoga includes a whole spectrum of practices and techniques for health and personal growth.

Learn about some of the other types of Yoga Techniques here

Some Important Yoga Exercises




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