Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Ardha matsyendra asana is an important practice in the group of spinal twisting yoga asanas. Watch a video demonstration of the practice below …


Vakra Asana

The first technique demonstrated in this video is Vakrasana, which comes from the Sanskrit word, vakra, meaning ‘twist’. This is an easy spinal twist that can be performed by most everyone, and is a great practice to conditioning the spine for other, more challenging yoga asanas.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

One of the most famous spinal stretches in yoga is the ardha matsyendrasana. In the Sanskrit language Matsyendra means ‘the Lord of the Fishes’.

Matsyendra is the name of a very famous yogi from history, one of the 84 mahasiddhis (one who has achieved great paranormal and psychic power) and co-founder of the hatha vidya (science of hatha yoga). This pose is given his name because he was known to commonly sit in this position.

The ‘full pose’ is a very difficult one and reserved for advanced yoga adepts. However, since the health benefits of this pose are so extensive, the great Matsyendra devised an easier variation that can be performed by most everyone, with the proper preparations. This is called ardhamatsyendrasana (ardha means ‘half’).

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Yoga is much more than a group of physical exercises.

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