Jatti – the yoga warm up exercises


The warm up exercises in yoga are called jattis. The word jatti (pronounced ‘jaa-tee’) literally means ‘small unit of movement for a specific purpose’. They are simple movements used to loosen the body and enable the body to move safely and effectively into asanas (body positions) and through other physical practices.

The benefits of jattis, however, are not limited to merely ‘warming up’ the body. The physical, mental and emotional bodies are all interconnected, thus we are able to release psychic and mental tension via these shaking movements.

Jattis help to cleanse out ‘psychic toxins’, promote circulation, stimulates nerves, and release tension on many levels.

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[flashvideo file=http://www.theyogatutor.com/yoga-videos/jatti-sitting.flv image=http://www.discover-yoga-online.com/image-files/warm_up_exercises_1.gif stretching=fill /]


Yoga is much more than a group of physical exercises.

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