Loma-Viloma – Group 1

Loma Viloma – Group 1

  • Eka Pada Utthana Asana
  • Shirsha Utthana Asana
  • Ardha Shalabha Asana
  • Unmukha Shirsha Utthana Asana,
  • Dridha Eka Pada Utthana Asana
  • Dridha Shirsha Asana

[flashvideo file=http://www.theyogatutor.com/yoga-videos/clip-16.flv image=http://www.discover-yoga-online.com/image-files/loma_viloma_1.gif stretching=fill /]

Loma Viloma Prakriyas

The Loma-Viloma Prakriyas are a powerful group of yoga practices which help to re-polarize, or to harmonize the energies of the being — to synchronize the mind and body, and to restore health, balance and vitality.

In addition to ‘balancing’ the body’s energies, the very specific movements of these practices also serve to channel and store energy within the kanda, which is the ‘energy centre’ (or energetic storehouse) of the being (located below the region of the navel, near the base of the spine)…

*Remember… Yoga is much more than a group of physical practices.
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