Neti: the key to healthy sinuses


The neti kriya is one of the shat karmas, or six cleansing actions of the hatha yoga tradition, used to cleanse the nasal passages and sinuses …

There are two primary types: jala, which means water; and sutra, which means thread (or string). The jala neti will be detailed here.


The Neti Pot

This technique may more easily be performed with the help of a special pot called a neti pot, which has a long spout (even a small teapot will suffice).

The Benefits

The benefits of this nasal cleansing technique are many-fold. The enormous enhancement of olfactory senses afterwards should be enough to convince anyone of its therapeutic efficacy.

This kriya loosens and flushes away incrustations of dried mucous in the nasal cavities, dissolves and expels dust and other impacted pollutants and thoroughly washes the sensitive olfactory endings, making head colds are a thing of the past for those who regularly practice it.

This yogic nasal irrigation also enhancing the capacity to extract and assimilate prana from the air.


Yoga is much more than a group of physical exercises.

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