Basic Yoga Cleansing Techniques

You need to do these basic yoga cleansing techniques. Why? Because you are toxic! … AND they are so simple to do. You’ll be amazed at what a diference 3 minutes a day can make …


Did you know that at night, while you sleep, while your body is busy repairing and regenerating, it also expels a load of toxins that have been building up inside? Yep, it sure does, and if you don’t flush them off you right away, you’ll just end up re-injesting a lot of them back into your system.

Washing Away the Garbage

As soon as you wake up, before doing anything, yoga included, we need to clean away some of that overnight buildup and release of toxins. Don’t worry, this toxic clean up is simple and painless.

In yoga, we’ve got a few basic morning purification practices to do the job … and together they’ll take less than 3 minutes. It’ll be the best three-minute investment of your time all day!

3 Basic Yoga cleansing Techniques:

1. Tongue scraping

The yogis have a thing called a “tongue scraper,” but you can easily get the same results with a spoon.

2. Eye washing

3. Jala Neti

The nasal wash is an age-old yogic practice, but it’s one that takes a bit of getting used to. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it may seem, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

Do this simple, but amazing practice, and you’ll be astounded with the results! More detailed instruction on the performance of Jala Neti can be found here …

There you have it! …  3 simple little practices you can do every morning that will give you one more boost toward a healthy body and lifestyle.

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