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Yoga Information

Basic yoga information

What is yoga?

Some yoga definitions

History of yoga

also see: Yoga history

Origin of yoga

4 Main branches of yoga

The various types of yoga

How to Do Yoga

Beginning yoga

Yoga for beginners

Yoga instructions for daily life

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga (main page)

Yamas and niyamas

Yoga asanas

also see: Yoga pose


also see: Sense organs

Dharana: Part 1Part 2



Yoga Training Programs

Yoga training center (main page)

The Yoga Tutor eCourse

see: Table of contents

Ashtanga Yoga Home Study Course

see: Table of contents

Yoga Articles

Yoga articles (index)

Attitude Adjustment

Bad Karma

Balanced Living

Basic Body Cleaning Practices

Creating yoga balance

Dakshina: the yoga of donation

Part 1 ; Part 2

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Hot Yoga

How to make yoga time

India Promotes Yoga Tourism

Indian Yoga Association

Jala Neti: the key to healthy sinuses

Junk Food: Part 1 ; Part2 ; Part 3

Junk Food Facts

The Karma of an Economic Meltdown:

Part 1 ; Part 2

From Neurons to Nirvana

Guru: An outdated icon?

How to be a great yoga teacher

Learn Yoga Online

London’sFirst Hindu school

Mac vs Pc : the yogic choice

Maha Shivaratri: the night of Shiva

My Parallel Universe

No Pain No Gain: a yogic dictum?

A Productive Change

The power of he mind

Pregnany advice for new mothers

Pregnancy and yoga

The pregnancy diet

Pregnancy yoga practices

Pregnant yoga goals

Profile: Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

Profile: Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Olymipic Yoga: too big a stretch?

Reinvent yourself, through yoga

Resistance to change

Spiritual Stress Test

Supercomputers and changing times

Svadyaya: self-study

The Origin of Christmas

The Loss of Sanskrit in Yoga

The Need For a Life Path

The new yoga terms

The yoga class: is it killing yoga?

Vancouver Yogathon

Vegetarian Diet: Part 1Part 2

What is Change: is America ready?

What’s That Got To Do With Yoga?

The Meaning Behind Yantra

The key to understanding yoga

Yantra: The mystical yogic numerology

Are Yogis Communists?

Yoga and childbirth

Yoga and Hinduism: one and the same?

Part 1 ;  Part 2

Yoga as Therapy (part 1)

Yoga Therapy (part 2)

Yoga Bullies – un becoming a yoga teacher

Yoga Cred.: Have you got some?

Part 1 ;  Part 2 ;  Part 3

Yoga: Is it the new aerobics?

Yoga lessons … what are they?

Yoga Props: a help or a hindrance?

Yoga Routines to spice up your practice

Yoga Tourism in India

Yoga Video Wins at Cannes

Yoga Will Kill You

Free Yoga Resources

Basic yoga cleansing practices

Free yoga eCourse

Free yoga tips

Stress relief techniques

Yoga breathing techniques

Yoga glossary: Part 1 ; Part 2

Yoga Research

Earth Magnetic Field – effects in shava asana

Yoga stimulates gaba production

Genetic response to yoga

Yoga relieves chronic low back pain

Yoga Festivals

Yoga holidays (main page)


Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganga Dussehra


Krishna Janmashtami

Maha Shivaratri



Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga (main page)

Improve breathing

Stress relief

Many health benefits

Treatment of disease

Yoga Techniques

Yoga exercises (index)

Ankle exercises

Ardha matsyendra asana

Basic yoga breathing techniques


Bujanga asana (the cobra pose)

Jala neti (the nasal douch)

Kaya kriya (the whole body cleanse)

also see: kaya kriya demonstrated


Padahastasana (the hand to foot pose)

also see: standing forward bend

Pascimottana asana (forward bend)

also see: pascimottanasana

Pavana muktasana

also see: Pavanamuktasana

Surya namaskara (sun salutation)

Talasana (palm-tree pose)

Trikonasana (triangle pose)

also see: Triangle Pose

Vibhagha pranayama (yogic breath)

Vyaghrah pranayama

Warm up (sitting)

Warm up (standing)

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Yoga Philosophy

Yoga philosophy (main page)


Brahma danda: The yogic spine


Kriya in yoga

Living a yogic life

Pancha kosha: 5 bodies of man


Pranava AUM

Prana: what is it?


Pranayama practices

Relaxation in yoga

Sanskrit and yoga

Swadhyaya: study of the self

The yogic view of breathing

The yogic diet: Part 1Part 2 ; Part 3

Yoga Bhavana: the proper yoga attitude

Yoga marga: the yogic path

Yoga: the science of life

Yoga sadhana

The Yoga News

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Back issues (index)

Submission guidelines

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