A yoga course like no other … The Yoga Master’s Course Home Study and Correspondence Programs

Learn yoga at home, step by step, with this groundbreaking yoga course.

It’s hard to learn much about it in a yoga class, I know. With so many students in the room, all of varying levels of fitness and yoga experience, what can a poor yoga teacher do?

They can guide you through some yoga exercises … and you’ll probably feel good afterwards too.

But are you actually learning yoga?

Not really. You see, yoga is much more than just a system of exercises for health and wellbeing. It’s an living science that can literally transform your life in every conceivable way… if you are ready to go there …

The problem is, you can’t get this kind of transformation in a yoga class.

The stretches and breathing exercises are a great part of yoga… but only a very small part. Yoga really is a philosophy of profound proportions; it’s the definitive psychology and an amazingly refreshing approach to life that can help you to unleash all of your hidden potential. But for that you’ll need some help …

That’s why I created The Yoga Master’s Home Study Yoga Course …

To help guide you, step by step, along the road to learning yoga.

It has taken me over two years to prepare this yoga training program for you. This course is the culmination my numerous journies to India and my years of intense yoga study and practice. I’ve put all that blood, sweat and tears together into this one comprehensive yoga program, to make learning yoga a whole lot easier for you.

If you are finally ready to transform your life, then this Yoga Course may be just what you are looking for …

The Yoga Master’s Course Summary

The Yoga Master’s Home Study Yoga Course is a comprehensive yoga training program. Divided into 48 step-by-step lessons, this course provides one of the most indepth and well-rounded explorations of yoga available anywhere.

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